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5 Reasons to Get Your Acai Bowl Organic

The Juice Parlor

Posted on December 10 2017

The world loves this Brazilian super food! Acai berries became the favorite fruit for many people all over the world and the dieticians praise them for how good they are to our health. There are hundreds if not thousands of recipes on how to make a delicious, fresh acai bowl that will help you start the day in a great mood and with limitless energy.

We do love those recipes, but we think they lack one thing: organic food! Organic fruits and vegetables are more popular than acai berries and yet people forget how well they go together. To put it briefly, organic food mixed with and acai bowl that has organic acai is a health bomb. But what are the precise reasons for which you should include organic products in your acai bowl?

First and foremost, the organic fruits and organic vegetables are incredibly healthy. They are free of all the chemicals and toxins that ruin our health and well-being. In the long run, all the chemistry that our food is packed with affects our bodies on the cellular level. This is where a lot of health problems originate and that is why it is important to make sure that your morning acai bowl is free of chemicals that harm you!

Additionally, the organic foods are far more nutritious than the average food that uses chemicals in its production. When we choose organic, our body gets more vitamins and important microelements. As a consequence, it is better nourished and functions more effectively. Also, since your acai bowl is supposed to be your energy bowl, remember to put in it only things that will give you 100% pure energy for the entire day.

Let’s not forget that your acai bowl with organic fruits in it will simply taste better. The organic food is known for how tasty it is. It’s fresh, light and has a real aroma of the products that are not exposed to artificial ripping processes, don’t contain chemicals and are picked with care. This is the quality that you can measure with your tongue and you will tell the difference from the very first spoon!

But aside of all these physical benefits, there is one more thing that is worth mentioning.

A good meal can improve your mood and organic food is the best for that. Did you also know that organic products are eco-friendly and support the conservation of our planet? This should be a crucial factor to put into consideration each time you pick the ingredients for your acai bowl. In short, choosing natural and organic ingredients to make your acai bowl ensures that you cushion yourself as well as others from the inherent dangers posed by environmental pollution and degradation.

And don’t worry if you think that you would love to live this organic lifestyle but you can’t afford it. In fact, the more we talk about the organic products, the more affordable they become. Safe food of a great quality and an amazing taste isn’t a luxury anymore.

The organic ingredients for making acai are readily available and are becoming cheaper and cheaper. So next time you are shopping for your acai bowl, don’t forget pick the organic ones!

That’s why we love our organic acai bowls!