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Cleanse 101


A juice cleanse is for those of you who need help resetting your metabolism, detoxifying your body, regaining mental clarity, giving your digestive system a break, healing your skin and hair, and simply nourishing your body.

This is not only a physical experience; cleanses allow you to reset mentally and emotionally. You will notice a shift in emotions and a release of negative feelings and energy.


We offer two different types of cleanse packages for one day (6 juices), 2 day (12 juices), or 3 day (18 juices). Cleanses longer than 3 days will have to be purchased in 3-day cleanse packages.

A basic one day cleanse requires 6 different juices split up between the entire day. It is recommended that you drink a juice every 2 hours (or so).

Cleanses are ordered 3 days in advance and picked up on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday - this allows you to pre-cleanse prior to your juice cleanse. See how to cleanse section below.

Two types of cleanses offered are:

The LA Detox:
This unique cleanse was specifically mixed and created for those of you living in the LA area and is great for beginners. It helps remove environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, repair your liver after many late nights, prevent cravings for unhealthy food, uplift your spirit emotionally while gaining clarity, and boost your metabolism.
  1. Kale, dandelion, parsley, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon {Drink your veggies}
  2. Parsley, kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, spirulina, apple, lemon {Chelation}
  3. Carrot, apple, cucumber, beet, celery, ginger {Feel the Burn}
  4. Beet, apple, carrot, ginger, lemon {About Last Night}
  5. OJ, apple, ginger, dandelion, mint {Good Vibes Only}
  6. Orange, apple, carrot, turmeric, lemon {Hey Doc}

    The Skin Detox
    This special cleanse helps give your liver the boost it needs – while your liver is working extremely hard to remove toxins from your body, the cleanse helps to improve liver function and promote better nutrient absorption. This allows the liver to reset, which will then allow your skin to glow and hair to shine!
    1. Cucumber, kale, apple, ginger, lemon
    2. Apples, carrots, ginger, parsley, spirulina
    3. Cucumbers, celery, carrots, beets, parsley
    4. Apple, carrot, cucumber, orange, beet, dandelion, ginger
    5. Apple, beet, carrot, lemon, ginger
    6. Cucumber, mint, orange, apple




    Yes, we want you to pre-cleanse. An average pre-cleanse time frame is about 3 days or more. This is perfect since your cleanse is pre-ordered 3 days in advance. Pre-cleansing involves removing the following 3 or more days prior to your juice cleanse:

    dairy, gluten, soy, wheat, processed sugar, grains, other animal products, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

    If you can spend these few days eating raw, natural, and organic foods, broths, sea vegetables, juices and smoothies, and drinking lots of water, it will lead you to a more successful cleanse.

    A pre-cleanse is highly recommended to ensure that you are cleansing as safely and smoothly as possible. Pre-cleansing helps your digestive system prepare for the real cleanse – which lessens the intensity or decreases “cleansing symptoms” and allows your body to focus its energy on detoxing your body. You may still get the symptoms simply because your body is detoxing and symptoms may vary depending on lifestyle, toxicity levels, and usual eating habits.

    The healing journey begins during the pre-cleanse.


    This is the actual juice cleanse.

    One cleanse for one day requires 6 different juices split up between the entire day - from when your cleanse is picked up to when you sleep. It is recommended that you drink a juice every 2 hours or so (try setting an alarm every couple of hours). For example one juice at 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM and 8PM.

    We recommend cleansing every quarter of the year.


    • Remember cleansing requires time, support, and access to a bathroom. Please make sure to organize social events after a cleanse.
    • Remember to drink lots of water and herbal teas in between and before juices.
    • Remember to rest and listen to your body, if you need to sleep, please do so.
    • Help your body release toxins by doing the following…
    Sweating – Far infrared sauna is a popular method. Make sure to shower right after sweating!
    Skin brushing, tongue scraping, oil pulling, Epsom or magnesium salt baths
    Colon hydrotherapy
    Deep breathing
      • Remember, each person has a different experience. It won’t be easy but your body will thank you. The pre and post-cleanse process will help tremendously.

      POST-CLEANSE: Must Do!

      Seriously? YES!

      The most important thing to remember is that your body needs to transition back to digesting real food in a smooth and healthy way. We recommend eating natural, raw, and organic foods the first day after your cleanse – our smoothies are a great way to transition. Try drinking a juice once a day, try drinking lemon and water tea (also our Steam #1) every morning. Avoid binge eating right after your cleanse. In other words, the post-cleanse is the same process as the pre-cleanse.


      The first 24-36 hours of not eating solid foods, your body begins its detoxing process and takes the focus from digestion to cleansing. Once you start feeding your body natural, cold-pressed, and organic juices – the enzymes from the juices act as catalysts to dissolve the toxins that are being released.

      After several days, the colon begins to release a build-up of plaque, which relieves the colon and allows it to absorb nutrients the way it’s supposed to – since there are no blockages. During this phase, the body will release stored toxins, emotions, and memories.

      Once the toxins leave your body, you will enter the next phase described as mental clarity, euphoria, positive energy, feelings of renewal, being grounded, and harmony. Your cleanse will leave you feeling energetic, your skin glowing, your mind alert, ready, and clear. 


      Cleanses are not intended for use by minors, pregnant or nursing women, individuals with any type of health condition or users of prescription drugs. Such individuals are specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any form of weight loss effort or regimen.

      The Juice Parlor is not a medical organization and our staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Any information garnered from us should not be interpreted as a substitute for a physician’s consultation, evaluation, or treatment.