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Everything we make in shop is fresh and made-to-order, so ordering in person, depending on how busy it is, can sometimes take up to 20 minutes from the time you order to when the items are finished. Our smoothies and our juices are typically made faster than our acai bowls, so if you are pressed for time, you can call in so we can start your order before you get to the register. We also offer premade options for of salads and juices that can speed up your visit if you're in a real hurry.



We can start on your order right away if you decide you'd like to phone it in to us in advance. By the time you get to the shop, we'll work to get it ready and set for you to enjoy on your way. All we need is your name and phone number with your order. If you're order is over $60, we do require a credit card number to hold on file in case you're not able to make it to the shop.  


All of our cleanses are available for purchase directly through our website. Cleanses need to be picked up at your local store. Please know that we do not delivery our cleanses to your door yet, but you can use a delivery service like TaskRabbit to request a pick up of your cleanse from our shop. 

We cannot guarantee the integrity of our products if delivery through a 3rd party and not picked up directly from our store. Please note that there will most likely be extra fees associated with the app you decide to pick up your cleanse with. Additionally, we cannot provide a refund for any items improperly delivery by an app you choose and we do not take liability for the delivery of a cleanse if picked up through a 3rd party delivery service.


You can order from our full menu through a variety of delivery services right on your phone. Click on any of the delivery or courier apps to see what will work best for you. We've partnered up with the best delivery services we could find to help you get what you're craving for right away. 

All our pricing is the same on every app, but different apps have different costs and fees associated with them through the provide. Please make sure you are aware of those fees and understand that we do not directly charge for delivery and thus cannot guarantee the integrity of the items ordered through any app.




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